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Ball sector Valves

The ball sector or ‘V ball valve’ was designed to give flow control of paper pulp. With a hard chromed ball sector and the standard stellited metal seat, the valve design is ideal for on/off and control service on difficult applications such as solids in suspension or on crystallizing media. A PTFE seat is also available when a tight shut-off is required on less abrasive duties.

The profile of the ball sector gives excellent control characteristics as the valve rotates through 90° which are intermediate between linear and equal percentage. The Högfors ball sector control valves are available in 2 different body styles, the full bore fig 455 which is supplied with flanged connections and the reduced bore fig 465 wafer pattern designs, which is installed by clamping between flanges on the pipe work.

Hogfors 455 Control Valve

Hogfors 455 Flanged Ball sector ( V-Port ) Control Valve

Hogfors 465 Control Valve

Hogfors Wafer Pattern Ball sector ( V-Port ) Control Valve

Basis Weight Valves

Hogfors Ballsector Control valve with Oden Actuator