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Actuators & Accessories

We supply a wide range of valve accessories including Pneumatic and Electric Actuators
Electro-pneumatic; Pneumatic and Digital positioners; Solenoid valves and our CV3 Switchbox.
All of which can be supplied fitted to our range of valves or separately.

BLX Positioners

Analogue positioner, double or single acting pneumatic actuators.

Keystone F89U

Double Acting and Single Acting, 90° operation, pneumatic actuators.

PMV Positioner

Pneumatic and Electro-pneumatic positioners.

Proval / Regmatic Actuators

Proval Double Acting and Spring return pneumatic actuators

Namur Solenoid Valves

Economical direct Namur mount 3-way and 5-way solenoid valves.

Rotork CVA Actuator

The CVA range of linear and quarter-turn actuators

HQ Electric Actuator

The HQ range of quarter-turn electric actuators