Ball Valves, Valve Ball, Vavles Ball

District Heating Valves

District heating system valves can be found here.

Hogfors 311 Butterfly Valve

High performance butterfly valve, made of carbon steel.

Hogfors DH Balancing Valves

Hogfors District Heating Balancing Valves

Hogfors DH Ball Valves

Hogfors District Heating Ball Valves

Hogfors DH Butterfly Valves

Hogfors District Heating Butterfly Valves

Hogfors Steel Ball Valves

Hogfors Weld Construction St Steel Ball Valves

Hogfors 38500 Strainer

Hogfors Carbon steel strainer with butt weld connections

Insulation Jacket

Insulation Jackets to suit Hogfors Fig 34500TR ball valves

PURG-INOX 2000 Air Vent

PURG-INOX 2000 Automatic Float Air Vent