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Butterfly Valves UK

Butterfly valves can be used for many applications either as open/close or simple regulating valves. We offer a range of high performance butterfly valvesmanufactured in Finland by Hogfors Oy. These high performance butterfly valves are manufactured with a stainless steel double offset disc which produces a high integrity seal and with the option of metal or PTFE seat will tolerate temperatures and velocities significantly in excess of that possible with rubber lined butterfly valves.

The valve bodies are available in various materials and designs suitable for a wide range of applications. All butterfly valves in our range can be supplied for manual operation, bare shaft or with pneumatic or electric actuators.

Hogfors 311 Butterfly Valve

High performance butterfly valve, made of carbon steel.

Hogfors 411 Butterfly valves

High performance butterfly valve, made of stainless steel.

Hogfors DH Butterfly Valves

Hogfors Double offset Butterfly Valves for District Heating Systems