Ball Valves, Valve Ball, Vavles Ball

Ball Valves

Ball valves offer very good shut-off capabilities. A simple quarter-turn (90°) completely opens or closes the valve. They are available in a wide range of body, seat and seal materials, suitable for a many different applications.

Ball valves also have a straight uninterrupted flow path which minimizes the pressure drop across the valve most notably in the full bore versions where the port through the ball has the same as the diameter of the pipe.

Cee Vee supply a range of ball valves, including flanged and 3-piece cast steel ball valves and the Högfors weld construction ball valves which are designed for applications in district heating and cooling schemes. These ball valves can be supplied with flanged, butt weld and threaded connections.

Hogfors DH Ball Valves

Hogfors Weld Construction Carbon Steel Ball Valves

Hogfors Steel Ball Valves

Hogfors Weld Construction Stainless Steel Ball Valves