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PURG-INOX 2000 Air Vent

PURG-INOX 2000 Automatic Float Air Vent are made of AISI 316Ti Stainless Steel for use under extreme conditions up to 16 bars, where high material resistance is indispensable as in district heating plants, water plants, water conditioning plants, pumps, industrial applications, etc.

• Engineered completely out of stainless steel AISI 316Ti (CrNi 1.4571).
• Free swinging float made of stainless steel therefore high opening and closing forces.
• Consequently a high venting capacity.
• Safety leak cap is always open to ensure permanent venting.
• Automatic closure in case of eventual liquid emission.
• Valve seat – Viton.
• Dismountable stainless steel valve for cleaning.
• Anti-Suction-Cap available.
• Manufacturing process certified according to ISO 9001.

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